Ruled by Mars, the Aries child must busy with something and prefer to follow their impulses rather than logical demands. Their ruled planet mars gives them energy and courage the Aries child attention and shrieks his head off if he does not get it. Just in case you do not know it yet, he is the boss! Even when he is not old enough to speak, you will be able to tell his likes and dislikes, as he does not have a faint.
bone in his body. Aries girls too are extremely direct and determined to get their own way. Aries children learn to walk and talk faster than other children. They must be disciplined as soon as possible. Accident-prone, curious and impetuous by nature, you must watch over them carefully. Keep knife like objects out of their reach.
Watch out for their temper tantrums. However, you need not be concerned. Arian children are extremely affectionate.
If he likes you, he can be generous to a fault. Remember that he will only like you if he can get his own way. Do not ever make the mistake of comparing him to his siblings. If you want to motivate him to do well, he or she will shine in challenges On one hand, the Aries child can be tough and practical and on the other, a dreamy sentimental soul with a vivid imagination.


A fixed sign Taurus child shows both be aware of trait so that neither of you will be discouraged if his progress in school of is not as fast or spectacular as children of other signs. Venus the ruling planet of Taurus. Taurus child is gifted and talented children and will be able to array to a successful completion. You just cannot force the Taurus .
Taurus child to do anything that he does not want to do. There is a reason why they are called “bulls.” On the face of it, the Taurus child is the most mild-mannered of all. But if they are pushed, you will see the stubbornness of the bull rise to the surface. The way to get around them is through logic and love.. Powerful, emotionally stable and athletically inclined, these toddlers seem more competent than the average child. Calm and cheerful, they are not disheveled easily. Marked by maturity beyond their years, they dislike too much attention. They are extremely well behaved and much happier left to their own devices.
A very sensual sign, the Taurus(Rishabha) child responds to harmonious colures and sounds. Discordance disturbs their mental equilibrium. That is why it is important to have a harmonious family life in his formative years. A wise parent will start the little Taurean on music and singing lessons as early as possible. Logical, practical and industrious, the Taurean is a born leader. He has a sense of fair play and good judgment. He will always be a credit to his school and will certainly make you proud.


Ruled by mercury Child If blessed with a Gemini (Mithunam) child, you had better learn to fly. In this case, one equals two. Gemini (Mithunam) is the sign of the twins. Your child can be in two places simultaneously and you might find it hard to keep up, this little one was born with winged feet. Extremely active, the typical Gemini
(Mithunam) hates to feel constricted and seeks mental stimulation by exploring his little world. All air signs need variety, so make sure you provide him with tons of books and toys. Restricting a Gemini (Mithunam) mentally and physically leads to an emotionally depressed adult. Mercury (the ruler of the sign) will give him sharp voice may be un bearable. Extremely restless, the twins can do two things at once, and be able to concentrate on both.
These youngsters love communicating and have a variety of friends. Gemini (Mithunam) hands are the most sensitive and expressive of all signs, who knows, you may be raising a skilled surgeon or dentist. Blessed with a vibrant sense of imagination, the Gemini(Mithunam) youngster lives in a dual world of fantasy and reality. Always encourage him to speak the truth because he could get confused between the two worlds.
The Gemini(Mithunam) lacks patience and persistence and finds it hard to listen without interruption. It is very difficult to catch his mercurial attention, until you have his curiosity aroused.


Ruling Planet is Moon Children of this sign are deeply attached to home and family. They like to be tied to mother apron strings and a wise parent will give them a gentle push now and then. Blessed with the powers of observation and a sharp memory, his emotions form rich and colorful images. A loner at heart, this tender soul is usually easy to manage and discipline. All he needs is loads of attention,
lots of love, hugs and cuddles. His emotional needs surpass that of all other signs. Therefore, his formative years and early home environment influence the rest of his life. You will have to learn to laugh and cry with him; keep him safe and protected from all his fears – real or imaginary. Attention, understanding and emotional empathy from you, will encourage his artistic and creative tendencies and help him gain confidence. You will be paid back in full measure when you are ill or down. He will gently lend you his little shoulder to cry on. You will be better able to cope with it and to work with them in acquirement of a more equable nature.
Most of them are sensitive, courteous souls famous in the fields of art and music and have good business sense too. But for all their gentleness and docility, they just cannot be followers. Highly individualistic and blessed with independent thinking, they make the most compassionate.


As a fire sign, their passions run hot. A typical lion cub, this child will be happy and cheerful as long as he gets his way. He will attack if he feels let down or his position is threatened. Although you should encourage his natural leadership qualities, otherwise he will turn into a show-off. Blessed with an innate sense of dignity, they thrive on power and applause and need to be respected.

But do not let him get away with making demands. Teach him to respect the dignity of others. On the brighter side, these youngsters are playful, affectionate and a lot of fun. They enjoy games of challenge and chance. Though intelligent and quick to learn, they can be a little lazy. So it is important that you inculcate discipline and good study habits and also give them responsible and dignified duties to perform.
These little charmers also fall in and out of love easily, so you are for a tough adolescent phase. You need to provide them gentle discipline and lots of love and affection. Build his courage and confidence with love instead.


Mercury the ruling planet of Virgo as associated with reasoning and intellectual activities. He will be a joy to raise as he is pleasant and very neat and tidy. He will learn to talk early and fluently and is a born actor and an excellent mimic too. Always the teacher’s pet, Viragoes are very bright and easy to discipline. Efficient and highly dependable, they make the ideal class monitor.

Very sensitive to criticism himself, he is still a little too quick to point out other people’s mistakes. Very instinctive, he is a quick learner and requires a full education. You would be wise to provide your little Virgoan with educational toys and good reading material. You should point out to him that few things in life are perfect that he will be happier if he reserves his perfectionist tendencies. Wise beyond his little years and with a curious practical bend of mind, he is a realist who is always careful with his allowance. Ever ready to help others, financially or otherwise, you never need to worry about spoiling this little sage. He has strong likes and dislikes and is usually a fussy eater. But do not look surprised if he shows a preference for healthy, wholesome vegetables over chocolates and fries. Good for you. Virgo children generally are very good students as they are mentally acute and have a passion for accuracy. As a member of an earth sign, your young Virgo is calm and dependable. Although he does not show it, this child craves physical demonstrations of affection to survive. He does not find it easy to make emotional connections and needs plenty of love and encouragement and compliments to believe that he is as good as the rest. You must get him a little pet to teach him lessons of love and caring. Ever ready to help others, financially or otherwise, you never need to worry about spoiling this little sage


Venus is ruling this rashi. An utterly charming baby, with the sweetest of expressions, is a blessing indeed. Your little Libran is too well-behaved to throw peevishness. do not rush him, or you will disturb his mental equilibrium. Do not be discouraged. Their natural bent towards caution usually keeps them out of trouble and helps avoid accidents and stupid mistakes.The harmonious Libran is a great.
seeker of truth and beauty. Kind-hearted and balanced, they insist on fair play and can normally see both sides of the story. In fact, they enjoy a healthy argument and make great lawyers. Although people consider Librans to be lazy, it is not really true. Librans just need to intersperse periods of great activity with moments of deep respite. It is the way their batteries get recharged. Be careful of the famous Libran charm, as it is through this that they manage to get their own way. You just will not be able to refuse them for anything, and would certainly end up spoiling them. More than actual discipline, they need less mollycoddling. Raised well, this child will turn out to be bright and logical.
They love companionship and will make many friends also point out to Libran child that compromise policy is not always best policy. They love pretty pictures, also be sure they will take very good care of their belongings.


Scorpio child is generally had strong physiques and even stronger wills. a challenge for any parent, this one enjoys a good fight. Your little Scorpion will never compromise. With those beautiful, penetrating eyes, he will hypnotize you into getting his own way. He will only learn from someone that he perceives to be stronger than him. So stand firm and earn his respect, but always do it with love.

Encourage him the qualities of compassion and forgiveness, because Scorpions are famous for their vindictiveness. Raised well, he will turn into a brilliant, magnetic personality. They have a strong desire for privacy, but usually manage to search out your secrets. They have fantastic instincts and could sense your moods before you know it. Extremely perceptive, they have sharp, penetrating minds. You must channel their energies in the right direction by keeping them mentally active and physically stimulated. Your Scorpion knows exactly what he wants and makes sure that he gets it. So guide him towards a worthy cause or goal. Never impose your will. Extremely loyal himself, he expects loyalty in return. Do not even make the mistake of breaking your word to a Scorpio. You will live to regret it. Scorpions make the best of friends and the worst of enemies. . Guide him gently, and teach him to love and be loved. It is a lesson he needs to learn.


This Jupiter ruled Sagittarius child is versatile and adaptable. you must give him a good reason for all activities concerning him. You also need to be firm in all your dealings. He expects you to be fair and almost as honest as himself for you to earn his respect. You have given birth to a cute little clown. His sunny disposition and love for human contact assures him friends everywhere.

He craves for hugs and cuddles from you. These children are frank and outspoken. This happy-go-lucky archer can be brutally honest, and he expects the same from you. He will obey you only if he finds your command logical, otherwise expect defiance tremendously curious as well as uncomfortable and clumsy, the little archer is known to trip. Keep your first-aid kit handy. He has a strong desire for freedom, mentally and physically, and likes being around people who believe in him. He will become independent faster than your other children. Sagittarius is a sign of extravagance and spend-thriftiness. So you must teach your child the value of money while still in the formative years. He can learn easily if he concentrates on his study. The Sagittarian curiosity and thirst for knowledge makes them excellent students. They crave for variety and change. Surprisingly, you will find Ever on the lookout for a mission or a cause; their free-wheeling natures force them to follow their own paths.


Capricorn is a cardinal sign ruled by Saturn,. He needs evidence of your love and affection. They are born old also the influence of Saturn young Capricorn might have a very dull outlook of life and seem to look younger as they grow older. He is quite definite about what he wants and will surely let you know. They set a place or all their things and do not like it if anything is disturbed.

They love their home and family, and seldom have a large group of friends. Extremely responsible and obedient, you will not have to chase him to finish his homework. Capricorn children do not waste their leisure time either and are a delight for their teachers of arts and crafts. But they should also be encouraged to play outdoors games. They are very thorough where studies are concerned, and have deep concentration. Slowly and steadily, they manage to acquire positions of authority and trust. Patient and polite, your Capricorn child will display great respect for his elders and he will always take good care of you.


As an Air Sign his talent is apt to the intelligent mental inviter rather manual, who lives in tomorrow. Fixed air Sign ruled by Uranus. In the matter of discipline you will find that he will listen to reasons. Sensitive and individualistic, you will find it impossible to keep with his thought processes. Your Uranian child may react negatively to a command. But let him be until he has weighed all the pros and cons.
and thought over the matter himself. You can trust him to do the right thing eventually. Very unpredictable, lovable and amusing, this one is a bundle of contradictions. He may not know where he is headed, but certainly knows how to get there. He may wander off trying to chase the rainbow or simply explore his surroundings. Whichever way, you will just not know what to expect. Aquarius(Kumba) is the sign of genius. And as you know, there is a very thin line between genius and insanity. These absent-minded little children can grow into unusual adults and even forget their last name or where they were going. You must teach your little Aquarian to organize his thoughts. Always encourage physical activity or you might have a little day-dreamer on your hands. It is possible for him to while away the whole day. Aquarius (Kumba) is the sign of the humanitarian, as well as that of ‘friends’. Some may say, ‘friends’. You see, they do not just love you; they love the whole human race.


Ruled by the planet Neptune Pisces Child angelic charming – the Piscean lives up to its image, always in a world of fantasy. Your Piscean infant will not follow a routine. As a rule, Pisceans march to their own drumbeat. Tea times might be at dinner times.He will require lots of attention and affection because he is a susceptible,uncertain little child. He fiercely guards his privacy and withdraws into his own little world whenever he pleases, innately artistic. Pisces Child loves dancing and singing. Passionate about reading, they are absolutely enchanted with poetry. They make excellent writers.
Sensitive by nature, they get hurt easily and much prefers the company of adults to other children. Blessed with deep wisdom, they are not in the least bit materialistic. They also shun responsibility as they prefer to live life on their own terms. Characterized by gentleness, compassion, beauty, understanding, tolerance and imagination, this youngster is highly intuitive. You would be wise not to take his dreams too lightly, as the universe speaks to them in their dreams. Who knows, it may have been a Piscean who coined the phrase “dream come true”. This young Piscean may incline to worry or feel that desires are unattainable and his efforts fruitless.

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