Jupiter enters into Libra on 28th September 2005 at 5.35 hrs (IST) and continues its forwards journey from 0 degree to 25. And be there for 13 months.
Planet rules higher learning and bestows upon us for exploring ideas, both intellectually and spiritually. Intellectually speaking, Jupiter assists us in formulating our ideology.
On a physical level, he is the planet of health, the planet of wealth. He makes us active in a healthy way and attunes us with the joy of nature. He gives vigour, vitality and a strong immune system. The other most important aspect of Jupiter is that he gives us true knowledge and wisdom as opposed to information based intelligence, which is the function of Mercury. When Jupiter becomes functionally malefic and afflicted, it closes our door to true wisdom. It will make us too materialistic, too enamoured of wealth. It will make us proud, give us too much ego and make us a showman, and self indulgent. He will make our inner immune system ineffective.
we will have a special Pooja and Abhishekam ( divine bath) for Sri Guru Baghavan on 28th September 2005 at our Yaga sala Participate on special Abhishekam (divine bath) Pooja and Homam .


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