The purpose of meditation is to bring ourselves to where we are. Most often we are unmindful. Our body is in one place and our mind is elsewhere. Our habitual unmindfulness creates misery. Through meditation, you become conscious. We grow in awareness of who we are and where we are.

What is Meditation

Meditation is not just thinking; it is purposeful contemplation directed towards a worthwhile goal. In meditation, awareness and feelings are also significant factors that shape the experience. Meditation practiced with knowledge and understanding will lead to the realization of eternal truths. Peace of mind will be one of the first experiences. As the mind comes under your control waste thoughts that use up more than 80% of our mental energy will be all but eliminated. Then as you grow in clarity and power mental abilities such as creativity, concentration and good judgment will emerge. As you meditate the number of random thoughts occurring diminishes, as does your attachment to these thoughts, and your identification with them. This is because you are usually not aware of all the mental activity that you are engaged in. Meditation allows your mind activity to settle down and results in you becoming more peaceful, calm and focused.


You will experience, relaxation, increased awareness, mental focus, clarity and a sense of peace if meditation is practiced regularly.
The following physiological effects of meditation have been documented
1.Reduced blood pressure
2.Lower pulse rate
3.Decreased metabolic rate
4.Changes in the concentration of serum levels of various substances

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