Saranadadeva author of ‘ Sangita Ratnakara’ and great luminary, expresses the following as good qualities for a good voice for a singer :- richness, sweetness, brilliance, loudness, flexibility, steadiness and smoothness. Bharatha Muni explains in his famous work NATAYA SASTHRA, a quality voice should have six qualities Sravaks, Ghana, Snigdham, Madhuram, Avadhanavan and Tristhanasobhi.

Importance of voice

The foundation of a good voice is inborn. Its perfection requires cultivation. A good singer should possess both good voice and musical skill. The importance of good voice cannot be over estimated. The gift ‘inborn’ voice needs training. The ”Bruhaddaranyaka Upanishad” says that people used to gather around a musician who possess a good voice to have a look at him. In fact a singer exhibits his musical skill only through the medium of his voice ,so it is basic for a good singer. Voice the most delicate and wonderful instrument. Yes instrument requires very careful handling. Voice production includes following: 1. Breath: Effective control over breathing is most important. 2. Flexibility: The speech organs should be very flexible to produce different musical phrases. 3. Mouth shape: As the resonator influence the cove quality the mouth shape plays an important role in the voice culture. 4. Volume: Adequate loudness so as to reach a large audience is one of the important factors in speaking. Assigning the carrying poser of the voice and loudness depends upon pitch level resonance and breath control. The singer instrument has been placed in the Voice box known as larynx. Larynx is part of respiratory system and serves many biological functions. It is a valve action as a guard for the entrance the trachea or wind pipe. It also prevents the air escaping from the lungs


The Vocal cords serves as good vibrators since they are capable of being lengthened and shortened, tensed and relaxed, adducted and abducted. The True Vocal Cords are situated below the False Vocal Cords. Though the fouls is called cords it is not cord but elastics fibrous tissue. Voice produced by the vibration of the True Vocal Cords. Every individual has got a natural pitch of his own. The natural pitch level is dependent upon the physical characteristics of the individual's vocal mechanism. The pitch of the voice varies directly with the tension and inversely with the mass and length of the vocal Cords. Male voices are lower in pitch than female voices. This is due to the difference in the length and mass of the vocal cords between the male and female. Men posses thicker Vocal Cord than women.


The most important muscle of breathing is diaphragm. It is dome shaped muscle, which separates the chest from abdomen. Diaphragm also plays an important role in the breathing excises In singing breathing activity become less uniform as the inhalation becomes sudden and quick which exhalation is prolonged and very slow as opposed to that of normal breathing. Singer should never sing with the fag end of the breath. The main sources of energy for voice production are the good flow of air provided by breathing, the lungs.

By and large a good singer should to practice two things:
1. Regulated exhalation of breath streams and
2. Quick inhalation of large volume of air.
The basic object of breathing technique are to produce a powerful voice, to execute long musical phrases, to make use of the full vocal range and to sustain on a note without a shake.

Resonators In human voice, the chief resonation cavities are the throat, mouth and nose. The Resonators of human voice are modulated contrivance. The two cavities throat and mouth are tunable. Voice quality is partly dependent on the size, shape and surface of the resonators and partly on the way we operate the mechanism. The Resonators should be made to function properly to make the voice sound best. There are many who say placement of a myth. You cannot direct atone anywhere. Science tells us that every tone goes into all the cavities it can and vibrates the bones of the head and most of the bones of the upper body.

The placing of the tongue plays a vital role in varying the size and shape of the throat cavity. Voice is not conditioned by throat alone but is the result of a serious of interacting force. When a vocal note is produced, the singer first gets a mental picture of the note. It stimulates some centers, which control the image of the note. {Though the singer does not actually feel the muscular movement of the vocal cords in the throat when a producing a note the mental image that is obtained through hearing guides him for the production of the note with correct modulation and pitch.} The act of singing is the musical express of emotions suggested by our thought and imagination.

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