Nature and its designs can be understood in various ways Astrology works on the motion of Planets and signs of Zodiac In Numerology it works on the numbers and alphabets. Numerology is the easiest and the simplest and it can make his or her own Numerical chart and understand.Pythagoras convinced that ,each planet had a peculiar sound of its own. This sound was called harmonious cosmic octave . Which can hear on a state of meditation. More every sound has a peculiar number and this discovery could lead to uncover the mysteries of the Universe. He assigned a particular number to each alphabet in natural way and gave its salient features alongside.Each number has in it a peculiar electro magnetic power with shake the character and events of life are suitably and decisively influenced. Each number has a positive effect with which the individual is endowed. There is a negative effect of numbers, which prevails specially at the time of conflict between two or more numbers, and the clash can be straightened out with proper understanding.


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