The emphasis that the Vedas place on karma is another fundamental supposition for understan ding Astrology. Accepting the lesson of one’s accountability for one’s life, accepting adversity with grace and equanimity, performing actions independent of expectation of reward or punisment, and cultivating an appreciation of the justice and magnifice-nce of a “grand plan”, are the foundations of the workings of karma. Astrology is determinism to the extent that the unchangea-ble law of karma shadows it; however, life which is guided by free will, does not follow any preordained pattern. It is through free will that humanity may guide the future and thereby take charge of creating its own personal destiny.


In this report your birth chart will be analyzed and an exh-austive list of your life events will be created. We will predict events in your life and will give you an insight into your personality..


A day-to-day calendar for one year with the tithi and Star, with time of change of Star on every day. Information of which planets enter another sign. Prediction is based on Vedic Astrology for your Horoscope moon sign..


Astrology works on the mot- ion of Planets and signs of Zodiac . In Numerology it works on the numbers and alphabets.Numerology is the easiest and the simplest and it can make his or her own ..


With the details provided by you our team of Astrologers will Analysis the both astrological charts and gives a detailed report. Which could help you to take a decision whether..


An astrological consultation can propose paths of personal growth based on your strengths; it can reveal your life purpose and show you a bigger picture suggesting the meaning of periods of crisis, the lessons to be learned and when these periods end...

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