Yoga means concentration of mind. We can increase our philosophical, external power of the mind and also courage through Yoga. This enables to expose the hidden power in our body. Both the body and the mind becomes strong. The respiratory system is to be preserved for the existence. That is controlling power of yoga.

History of yoga

Lord Parameshwara preached yoga to Goddess Parvati. Parvati to Brahma, then Brahma to Sankara, Narada to Surya to Manu, and Manu to Ikshwaku, and then it has come into practice from generation- Patanjali Maharani has narrated this long back in his 185 Shlokas – as Patanjali Yoga Shastra. In Rigveda may things about yoga sutra have been described, Maharashi Patanjali has explained vedoktha yoga Vidya, in Sootra Roopa, scientifically explained and shown the right path. Several researchers have done research, even 300 years ago B.C. He has given yoga sutras to the world.

what is asana ?

Patanjali Maharashi has told that there are 84 asanas which bless health, strength, and long life. Can lead a happy life. In the universe there are several types of animals, and as such so many asanas. But to keep the health in order, only some asanas are explained here. These are very simple to follow. This gives good exercise to body and every asana is profitable. To be happy always (permanent) in asana. Asana is nishchala, happiness are asana. Without shaking the body, without pain, to maintain the body in a certain position is asana.

Points to remember
  • Those who wish to practice Asanas,must practice at least for ten minutes, either in the early hours, or in evening times.
  • Yogasana should not be done in empty floors.
  • Yogasana practice must be done in the early morning, before breakfast.
  • First we must do yogasana, then Pranayama, and then finally Dhyana.
  • If you wish to practice yoga in evening times, you have to do it before 45 minutes of meals.
  • Yogasana to be done once in a day only.
  • The clothes must be loose.
  • The movements must be slow.
  • We must not breath through mouth. We must breath only through nose.
  • We must not ill-treat rice, while we take our meals, consume food only twice a day.
  • We must not eat or drink too hot food, drink water before and after meals.

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